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Periodic Walkthrough Inspections Designed to Ensure Your Fueling Facility Is In Compliance

Starting October 13, 2018, EPA federal ruling 40CFR 280 requires owners and operators to conduct 30 Day Walkthrough Inspections at their UST facility.


Don’t have the resources to stay on top of mandatory monthly inspections?

Henrich provides complete management of your 30-Day Walkthrough Inspections.  Leveraging our proprietary CAMP Director cloud-based software, we deploy knowledgable and experienced fueling facility technicians to your facility to perform an in-depth inspection of your entire site based on NYSDEC, Suffolk and Nassau County Health Department and Fire Safety codes. We inspect the entire site, lifting every cover and checking every mechanical and electronic component of the fueling facility.  When finished we provide a detailed summary of all equipment on site along with an actionable list of deficiencies to be corrected.  In addition, we include favorable preventative measures overlooked by regulatory codes to ensure you’re operating at peak performance.

What does the law require me to do?

According to EPA 40 CFR 280, on October 13, 2018 all New York fueling facilities will be required to conduct a 30 Day Walkthrough inspection of the fueling facility.  This includes checks on the following systems:

>Spill Prevention Equipment

>Release Detection Equipment

>Containment Sump

Furthermore, it will be required to maintain the most recent year’s walkthrough inspection records.  Records need to include a list of each area checked, whether each area checked was acceptable or needed action taken, a description of any actions taken to correct issues.

Why choose Henrich to Conduct Your Fueling Facility's 30 Day Walkthrough Inspections?

Fast, 24 Hour Turn Around on Inspection Summary Reports

Using state of the art mobile technology, Henrich is able to create site summary reports in real time and full analysis within 24 hours of an on-site visit.

Paperless Service,
Digital Reports Available 24/7

Our digital interface allows our customers to access and review reports at their leisure. Henrich also archives and tracks deficiencies through to complete compliance.

Expert Repairs

No matter where your site is deficient, Henrich can bring you into compliance. A one stop shop, Henrich will inspect, analyze and repair any and all issues using our in-house engineers.

Who we work for


Service Stations
& C-Stores


Municipal Facilities


Fire & Police Departments


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Commercial Facilities

Periodic Inspection Coverage Map

Periodic Walk through Inspection Services The Regions We Serve

The Periodic Walkthrough Inspection Services we Offer

Compliance is an ongoing process and is easy to fall behind on ever-changing regulations.  At Henrich we mitigate possible violations and subsequent fines through our CAMP program. Our job is to make sure you don't incur these costs by being familiar with the most current and relevant regulations.

Walk Through Inspections

  • UST/AST Site Inspections

Henrich provides top of line on-site tank walk through inspections services.  Incorporating standards from all levels of regulatory authorities our checklist ensures complete coverage concerning your tanks compliance.

  • In-Depth Review of On-Site Records

Insufficient documentation is among the top violations issued.  Therefore Henrich regards proper record keeping as a high priority during walk through inspections.  A detailed review of on-site records will reveal where a site is most susceptible.

  • Deficiency Reporting

Stemming from our rigorous walk through inspections checklist, we are able to generate a detailed summary highlighting all presenting deficiencies.   All reporting is clear and concise, outlining not only high priority compliance issues, but recommended preventative maintenance practices overlooked by regulatory agents.

  • Deficiency Resolution Management

Simply reporting on deficiency is only the beginning for Henrich.  We are committed to maintaining the environmental integrity of your site.  The strength of our CAMP program is our ability to archive and track each sites deficiency until, together, we have achieved site compliance.

  • Repair and Upgrades

To complete our full circle, inhouse approach, Henrich can address all deficiencies. A qualified, veteran technician will be dispatched to diagnosis and implement any necessary resolution. Whether the situation calls for repair, replacement or a recommended upgrade, Henrich can remedy the situation.


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how satisfied I am with your inspections on the island…You quickly took on our account, and it has been seamless ever since. The reports that you send for our inspection is very easy to read, and it highlights any discrepancies we may have. It makes it very simple for me to correct the discrepancies in a timely manner. It is one less thing I have to worry about out here, and I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your company.


James D. Weber,
General Manager Gardiner’s Island

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